Day centre construction in Ponorata neighborhood, Valenii Lapusului village, Coroieni commune, Maramures county




NGOs Professional Association of Social Workers ASSOC Baia Mare

Centre for Research and Training University of Baia Mare

Local Group of Initiative from Ponorata

The project is funded with the financial support of the program RO10 – CORAI, program supported by EEA Grants 2009-2014 and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

The project is the answer to the general objectives of the Financial Mechanism of European Economic Area 2009 – 2014(SEE Grants):

  • it helps to reduce social and economical inequalities in the European Economic Area
  • the project Strengthens bilateral relations between donor states and beneficiary states

The project “Alternative education to poverty” aims to intervene in the rome community from Ponorata, Coroieni commune, Maramures county, by creating a centre for social inclusion, capable of offering services of integration towards kids and youths at risc, with the aim of upgrading the access rate at formal and non formal education, wealth, health and employment.


07.11.2014 – signing of financing contract nr. 08L/07.11.2014/SEE between FRDS as Program Operator for Program RO10 “ Kids and youths at risc situations and local and regional initiatives for reducing national discrimination and for promoting social inclusion” within the Financial Mecanism SEE 2009-2014 and territorial and administrative division Coroieni commune as Project Promoter

The value of the support according is: 878.314,85 lei, out of which 746.567,62lei is the grantfrom the EEA, and 131.747,23lei is public co-financing.

Implementation period: 18 months, until 30.04.2016

Sustainability period : 5 years

07.01.2015 – Project inititation conference

23.03.2015–  Signing of execution contract no. 472/23.03.2015 – SC Dimex 2000 Company SRL

20.08.2015 – Reception at completion

07.09.2015Start of activities with beneficiaries: 80kids, 50 youths si 35 families

Supply of services “school after school”

Supply of services of access to hygiene and health

Counseling of kids, youths and parents

Campaign of informing about health and disease prevention

Training, guiding and counseling vocational activities, life abilities development

17.12.2015Informing seminar

01.03. 2016–Start of vocational training courses

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